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Here’s what some of our members are saying.

“My son jack is attending Premier Martial Arts after-school program and recently had a physical assement test at his school. He was 2 times above the required test level! I attribute his fitness to PMA’s strength and conditioning program!”
– Proud Mother

“Our son, Christian, has been going to Premier Martial Arts for over a year now.  He is 6 years old.  He loves karate there!  We love it too and wouldn’t want him to go to any other school.  They are big on anti bullying teaching and all of the teachers are amazing.  There is a great mix of discipline and kindness for each child.  Our child is very sweet and not really into sports and we were concerned about him getting picked on in school if he wasn’t tough enough.  We feel very secure after a year at Premier Martial Arts that he could defend himself if he had too.  Not only that, but there is emotional security that is taught as well.  We can’t say enough great things!”
– Jeff and Pam

”I searched and participated in introductory classes at several Frisco and North Plano schools. Ultimately, I ended up choosing Premier Martial Arts – Frisco due to what I saw as the staff’s commitment to making classes fun and engaging for kids (and striking the right balance of discipline with instruction therein) along with making classes challenging and interesting for adults. ‎”
– Grant H. (Read More)

“Premier Martial Arts – Frisco has provided a great family environment to train in the Martial Arts. Their approach to self-defense and self-improvement utilizes kenpo karate and jiu-jitsu with practical application. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly creating a welcoming dojo for any level.”
– Justin R. (Read More)

“There have been at least half a dozen or more dojos I went to before finally landing at Premier. Now some have good instructors but no family type orientation, and others that have family oriented environments but don’t know squat about true self-defence. And for the rest of them, well they’re just too expensive. So it’s hard to impossible to find that perfect spot for you to learn and get adequate training on an affordable budget. Not at Premier though.”
– Daniel T. (Read More)

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