Kickin' Kids (7-11) | Premier Martial Arts - Frisco

Kickin’ Kids (7-11)

In Kickin’ Kids, students develop a positive mental attitude while building a strong foundation in the basic skills of the martial arts. Students learn the basic Kenpo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kung Fu blocks, punches, kicks, forms, and stances. Kickin’ Kids must always adhere to the five Principles of Conduct – Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Character, and Self-Control.

Students also develop the mental and physical fitness rewards of the martial arts as they begin building their focus and concentration. Our students learn techniques of self-defense to escape and avoid conflict, and to use “common sense before self-defense.” Your child will develop the confidence necessary to stand up to negative peer pressure and succeed at challenges.

Premier encourages parents to attend their child’s classes if possible. Our Instructors are experts at keeping kids focus and attention, and you’ll be comfortable and enjoy seeing your child in practice. Parents also have opportunities to assist their child in class, hold pads, etc..

See our weekly calendars for scheduled Kicking Kids classes.

The 5 Principles of Conduct:

Effort means hard work. In the academy and outside, members must put their utmost into every endeavor.

Members must show politeness and respect to all people. Good manners inside and outsite the school are expected from all members of the studio. Members must treat one another with respect.

Honesty and truthfulness are the chief characteristics of every karateka. They tell the truth even when it may not benefit them to do so.

Personal strength is a prerequisite to Karate development. If it isn’t present at the outset of training it will be with the continued efforts of training. Martial artists do what they know is right no matter who speaks out against them or no matter what hardship they may suffer.

The student of Karate controls their emotions and behavior. You must accept your bad qualities and learn to subdue them. You must not use your techniques to bully people or show off. You may use the art of Kenpo only when your life is in danger but never in anger!