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Bring out the Best in your Child

Premier Martial Art’s karate classes for kids are fun, yet structured and disciplined to build your child’s Self-Control and Confidence.

Our Martial Art classes are:

  • Fast Paced & Exciting
  • Educational & Empowering
  • The right challenge to bring out their Best!

Family Class is every Saturday. Come work out with your kids!

Our Philosophy

We stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations, and practical Self-defense techniques for getting away from a range of situations and being bullied. Our realistic training includes karate, Kickboxing, kung fu, and ground grappling defense.

Leaders are always Victors and never Victims. Your child will be taught that their self defense skills are for self-defense only, and they will have a clear understanding of being personally responsible for their actions and attitudes.

We incorporate Special Programs into your child’s class plans:

  • Character & Lifeskills Lessons for Kids
  • The 6 Drills for Skills – Focus, Power, Speed, Intensity, Accuracy, & Excellence
  • The 5 Principles of Conduct – Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Character, & Self-Control
  • The AmberWatch “Be Safe” Program
  • Traditional curriculum philosophy

Kids who learn to defend themselves usually will never have to. They learn to walk with confidence and are less apt to be a prime target for bullies and/or abductors. Kids with a high level of self-confidence are also better able to deal with negative peer pressure and can “Say No” to dangerous situations and threatening people.

Students also develop the mental and physical fitness rewards of the martial arts as they begin building their focus and concentration. Our students learn techniques of self-defense to escape and avoid conflict, and to use “common sense before self-defense.” Your child will develop the confidence necessary to stand up to negative peer pressure and succeed at challenges.

Premier encourages parents to attend their child’s classes if possible. Our Instructors are experts at keeping kids focus and attention, and you’ll be comfortable and enjoy seeing your child in practice. Parents also have opportunities to assist their child in class, hold pads, etc..

Fridays are open by appointment from 6:30 to 8:30PM. Everyone is welcome to come work on whatever they like. Schedule a class today by calling (972)955-9393.